About Us

Marks & Sokolov specializes in resolving complex and international disputes. 

Over two decades, Marks & Sokolov has established a record of providing top-tier counselling and litigation expertise with exceptional boutique service.  Our clients are typically international companies and high net worth individuals who require tenacious advocacy and practical legal advice in complex commercial disputes.

We regularly take cases to trial in federal and state courts throughout the United States and arbitrate in forums throughout the world.  Many of our clients have business dealings in Russia, Ukraine and former CIS countries.  Our team includes Russian speaking and Russian qualified attorneys that can provide guidance on Russian law and business customs.  Our U.S. based attorneys frequently assist Russian speaking clients in navigating the legal and business climate of the U.S.

We have handled many disputes exceeding $1 billion and our attorneys travel where needed worldwide appearing before local courts and tribunals.  We frequently partner with some of the world’s most respected and well-established law firms.

At Marks & Sokolov, we are passionate about winning and are proud of our reputation for dogged perseverance and thoroughness.  We will not be outworked in our efforts to secure the most favorable outcome possible for our clients.