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Marks & Sokolov, LLC
1835 Market Street, 17th FL
Philadelphia, PA,19103
Phone: (215) 569-8901
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OOO Marks & Sokolov

Julius Fučík Street 6 bldg. 2, 6th floor
Moscow, Russia, 123056
Tel: +7 (495) 290 33 55

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This website is provided by Marks Law OfficesLLC (Pennsylvania Limited Liability Company) d/b/a Marks & Sokolov LLC with an office in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  The website provides information about Marks & Sokolov LLC, the related  OOO Marks & Sokolov (Russian Limited Liability Company with and office in Moscow, Russia) and M&S LawLLC (Pennsylvania Limited Liability Company). The American and Russian entities use the Marks & Sokolov name and logo in the United States, Russian Federation, and other jurisdictions®2023 Marks & Sokolov, LLC