Bruce Marks gives interview to Russian NTV

Bruce Marks, former republican Pennsylvania State Senator, gives interview to Russian TV on Trump and Biden's Michigan visits  

Marks & Sokolov, LLC Obtains Recognition of Over $20 Million in Russian Judgments, Update

In November 2021, Marks & Sokolov obtained a significant victory in the Supreme Court of the State of New York on behalf of a leading Russian...

RBK – Russia gets new lawyers to represent its interest against Yukos

Россия нашла адвокатов для защиты от ЮКОСа, несмотря на санкции По меньшей мере три западных юрфирмы решили не представлять интересы России в...

1782 Discovery Blog: International Wires Frozen Subject To U.S. Sanctions May Be Released Pursuant To OFAC License

The United States has imposed sanctions on certain Russian individuals, companies and banks which prohibit U.S. persons from conducting business...


The United States has imposed sanctions on certain Russian individuals, companies and banks which prohibit U.S. persons from conducting business...

The Question Of Whether 28 U.S.C. §1782 Allows Discovery For Use In Private International Arbitration Is Back Before The U.S. Supreme Court

The U.S. allows parties to non-U.S. litigation proceedings to obtain documents and witness testimony from sources within the U.S., even if such...


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Marks & Sokolov is a boutique law firm, which has maintained offices in Russia since 1998. It provides U.S. and Russian legal advice to Western and Russian clients and law firms in corporate and litigation matters.

  • Assisting Firms and Clients Requiring Counsel: We are continuing our Moscow and U.S. based Russia transactional and dispute resolution practice. While many law firms are transitioning out of the Russian market, we are maintaining our practice, started almost 25 years ago, offering support to law firms and clients (Western and Russian) requiring legal counsel on Russia related matters, with U.S. and Russian attorneys in our U.S. and Moscow offices.
  • Sanctions Compliance: We can advise on the scope of sanctions and permissible activities and transactions of U.S. companies with Russian counterparts. In certain circumstances, individuals and companies could be exposed to U.S. civil and criminal sanctions if they participate in violations or evasion of U.S. sanctions. We can advise on the risks and avoiding this liability.
  • Dispute Resolution Services: We can advise on the consequences of U.S. companies exiting the Russian market without any legal requirements from the U.S. government to do so. Some applications of sanctions may curtail rights under contracts for goods and services or are contrary to warranty and insurance obligations. Such exits from Russia may raise breach of contract and improper termination issues against U.S. companies which may be raised through legal, arbitral and regulatory proceedings in Russia and internationally.
  • Private Aviation: We can advise regarding the ownership and operation of business aircraft. U.S. companies may be subject to financial recourse and litigation resulting from the seizure of aircraft, refusals of manufacturers to provide parts and services they are required to provide under warranties and other aircraft related contracts. We also advise on the operation and registration of aircraft in international jurisdictions, including Russia.